Being Human

Cheryl Copeland has been inspiring youth and adults the same by establishing BHumn Dance Productions in 2005 to create events that push the boundaries  of the artistic experience. She believes that dancers are first humans and all movement should come from that genuine place. The place that can only be accessed by the individuals themselves. From creating a safe environment for exploration and risk to providing mentorship and guidance to developing artists, no task is too big or too small for BHumn Dance Productions. When a need in the dance community presents itself, Cheryl and her incredibly diverse faculty and friends seek to fill it immediately. 

There is something so unique and so special about each dancer if they are given the opportunity to share. Technical abilities may make it easier to access certain things and to communicate better through movement but the inherent being, the spirit of the dancer is what motivates and inspires Cheryl. It is what she so often seeks to connect with and what she uses to push dancers beyond what they think they are capable of. She instills more than just a love for dance, but rather a love for work. She helps students develop an appreciation for and understanding of process that can often carry them through many situations not only in dance but in life. She always encourages them to "Just Be Human."





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Take the first step.

It always starts with a first step.  You just have to be willing to dive in. It's the only requirement. 

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