Held up is a site specific project that will explore relationships between two individuals and what the fundamental ideas are that keep them connected. It is essentially a quest to prove or disprove the hypothesis that things that bond two people together (and even a person to themselves), are the same cross-culturally. To answer this question, we will travel the world having discussions with locals about their lives and relationships. We will then see how we can better understand their answers through the lens of movement. A body of work that has previously been built will be translated and informed by these regional interviews and be placed against a prominent wall in each place that will serve as the back drop for this exploration. Upon completion of this journey, the works will all be placed side by side to compare the similarities and differences in these movement studies in hopes to better understand the foundation of the human relationship.

 Seeking dancers for Held Up Workshop

Dancers selected to participate in the workshop will be collaborating to build material (both intellectual content and physical movement) which will be used in the film. Looking for movers from all classes and cultural backgrounds with experience in Contemporary, Partnering, Improvisation, Breaking, Floorwork, Hip Hop, or any other style that could contribute to building movement. Movers must also be intellectual, eloquent, and ready to use their minds as much as their bodies. Workshop will be curated by Cheryl Copeland (Director), Adam Peterson (Club Guy and Roni), Cindy Salgado (Kidd Pivot), and more. Participants will be filmed during the process. 

From this Workshop, we will be selecting dancers to join us in the travel and filming of Held Up.  Dancers chosen for travel and final filming will be compensated for their work. Dancers participating in the workshop will be eligible to receive select footage. 

This is a great opportunity to grow, share, and collaborate with brilliant minds and bodies from an eclectic background to build something truly meaningful in the dance world. 

Workshop will take place over 3 days TBD. Financial assistance available and host housing available upon request and based on financial need.

Submission videos should include…

  • An introduction stating your name and where you are from, as well as why you are interested in being a part of Held Up (if you are not interested in being considered for travel and final film, you should indicate this as well)

  • A video response to the question: "What connects you in relationship with other people (or a specific person) besides love?”

  • A video response to the question "Do you think the things that connect people are the same or different cross culturally and why?”

  • A 1 minute video of improvisation (solo or contact) in whatever style you are most comfortable. Truly ALL styles welcomed and encouraged. 

  • A 1 minute video of an improvisation (solo or contact) against any wall surface.

**High quality videos unnecessary. Videos should not exceed 5 minutes in total length. 

Please submit video auditions, along with headshot, resumé, and short application form to heldup.dancefilm@gmail.com

To stay current on this project, make sure to follow us on instagram at Held_up_dance_film. 


  • Cheryl Copeland

  • Adam Peterson

  • Cindy Salgado

  • Haley Sung

  • Carley Santori

  • Thea Bautista

  • Geovanni Ortega

  • Nicole Morris

  • Emily Chase