July 13- AUG. 1 2020


                  2051 cypress creek rd.                  



The BHumn Dance Forum is a playground for young emerging artists to find their own individual artistic voice while solidifying their physical technique. Daily ballet classes focus on classical and contemporary techniques, anatomical placement and kinesthetics, and overall expression and artistry. Following ballet, the day consists of foundational modern techniques, contemporary repertory, jazz, tap, and hip hop. Improvisational techniques are used cross genre. Students attending The Forum are expected to come daily with an open heart and a curious mind ready to explore anything that may be thrown their way. This program throughly explores the creative process in all of it's facets in a safe and nurturing environment that enables students to gain the awareness of both the artistic and technical challenges presented in movement, and the knowledge and problem solving skills to face those challenges with success. The Forum is a process, a conversation, a journey, a discussion, and a collaboration of artistic spirits where both the student and the teacher walk away enriched. 


We are excited to announce our Adv./ Pre-Professional track this year at The Forum! This track will include a morning technique class in ballet, modern, or contemporary, to be followed by creative process and repertory with various industry artists. This track will be heavily discussion and process oriented and geared towards connecting emerging dancers with concert choreographers and professional company dancers with the goal of learning more about the professional field and how to succeed. It is a great program for cultivating a personal voice in collaboration with other highly influential creators. Possible opportunities for creation on the younger program may also arise.


Monday through Friday 930a-330p

Saturday 930a-1230p

July 27- All day tech and show!


Int./Adv.- Ages 12+ (Under Age 12 requires director approval)

Adv./Pre-Professional- Ages 18+ (Some Financial Aid available.)


Previous Forum Faculty

  • Cindy Salgado (Kidd Pivot)

  • Sidra Bell (Sidra Bell Dance NY)

  • Jonathan Campbell (MADBOOTS)

  • Adam Peterson (Club Guy and Roni)

  • Loni Landon (Loni Landon Dance Project)

  • Christopher Ralph (DASH Ensemble)

  • Anthony Lomuljo (Goteborg Ballet, Royal Swedish Ballet)

  • Shaneeka Harrell (Bill T. Jones)

  • Michael Velez (Dance Theatre X, Koresh, Robert Moses Kin)

  • Anthony Morigerato (Operation TAP, NUVO)

  • Nick Young (CTG, SYTYCD)

  • Dana Wilson (Tennessee Kids- Justin Timberlake)

  • Tre Holloway (Chris Brown, Fergie, Gwen Stafani)

  • Liana Blackburn (Selena Gomez, Kylie Minogue)



What you need to audition:

  • Completed Application Form

  • $15 audition fee- payable by cash, check (made payable to BHumn Dance), or paypal upon completion of the Application Form.

  • 1 Headshot and 1 Dance shot

  • Resume

Live Audition 


2051 Cypress Creek Rd. Cedar Park, TX

Audition will consist of an abbreviated ballet barre and center, modern technique, contemporary phrase work, and improvisation. Some students may be asked to show a solo (3 minute limit) or stay for an interview after the audition. Please wear black or pink tights and a solid colored leotard for ballet with hair in a bun. Dancers may change into form fitting gray or black attire for the remaining portions of the audition. 

Audition Video Requirements

High quality videos NOT required. Dancer just must be clearly identifiable and able to be seen. Videos shot on a cell phone are acceptable. Entire Video must NOT exceed 10 minutes maximum. Videos should be uploaded to Youtube or Vimeo and marked UNLISTED. Link should be included in application form.

AUDITION SUBMISSION DEADLINE:  10pm (central) on March 28, 2020. 

  • Introduction

    • 2-3 minute introduction stating your name and answering the following questions:

      • How will you contribute to the community of dancers present at the forum?

      • What would you like to get out of the forum?

      • How do you feel about improvisation?

  • Technique portion

    • 2 minutes ballet technique. Full combinations not necessary. Barre and/or center. Demonstrating proficiency in placement and alignment and a solid foundation. Developpes, Pirouettes, Petit and Grand Allegro must be included.

    • 2 minutes technique of your choice. Technical exercises in modern, jazz, or contemporary. Demonstrate ability to make choices, variations in tempo, quality and style. Floor work should be included.

  • Performance portion

    • 1 minute improvisation. This can be in any genre and to music of choice. Demonstrate your unique voice as an artist.

    • OPTIONAL- Solo of your choice. Maximum 3 minutes.


$1275 if registered and paid in full by May 15, 2019

$1400 after May 15, 2019. 

$475 one week rate. (One week rate only offered for July 8-13)

$850 two week rate. (Two week rate only offered for July 8-20)